CharleeLynai is an artist that treats her music with care and passion, pouring everything she is onto the track. She’s many things and in her project she discusses the struggles to the successes of being a musician, wife, a new mother and everything in between. It’s these aspects of CharleeLynai that we hear in her music.

In anticipation of her forthcoming debut album, “Leveled,” to be released later this summer, Charlee is ready to take her listeners on a roller coaster ride filled with emotions on the lead single, “Take Time”.

Inspiration Behind the Song

At just 20 years old and despite the not easy journey, Charlee now finds herself in a place where everything feels balanced and leveled. Raised in a musical family and being part of the choir, she was taught how to put her God-given talents to use at an early age.

Her husband TZ, is often in the studio producing her tracks, which definitely shows. Disregarding the fact that CharleeLynai is an excellent songwriter and skilled vocalist or that TZ’s production is top-notched. The air of openness and vulnerability allows for tracks like “Angry” to be created. Sometimes frustration can build as a musician, and that isn’t anyone’s fault, and there may not be anything that can necessarily be done.

It’s this level of vulnerability that is going to make this album a great one. We’ll get to hear the soul of someone who’s experienced the strain of what chasing one’s path can put on their social life. How life in a marriage is and how a 6-month-old daughter can drive them to be their best. And we’ll hear how this has created a foundation for her to come out on top and perfectly Leveled.

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