Inobe Lee

Washington DC rap recording artist Inobe Lee has been making music since before she even knew what music was.  In elementary school, she and her mother turned her home phone number into a song because that was the only way she could remember it.  Still in elementary school, she also learned to play the clarinet.  By 3rd grade, she won first place for singing rapper Nas's "I Know I Can (Be What I Wanna Be)."  Within a year, she was performing at some of the great arts venues, including Kennedy Center, as a very young member of the Washington Performing Arts Society.  In high school, she acted in plays and musicals with her high school drama society.

As a female Hip Hop artist, Inobe continues her growth in entertaining, her accomplishments coming to her by "never staying stagnant, always elevating, making it out the struggle, and staying true to myself."  And "believe me," she says, "I'm a twerk anywhere!"  She describes herself as loud, with a laugh that's even louder.  What she loves about her singing is that "I can be me in my music."  Her style: "It's just me!"  Her advice to up and coming artists: "In the words of Donnie McClurkin, 'We fall down but we get up.'" 

Right now, she's completing production of great hits for 4EYMG, such as "First & Foremost" and "Exotic."

When she's not rapping, Inobe works for DC public schools assisting with transporting children with special needs.  Her goal in the entertainment industry is success that positively changes her lifestyle and everyone around her, allowing her to be able to live life doing what she truly enjoys doing – hip hop.

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